A Bit About Me


We all have preconceived ideas of what old age will be like as we are kids. As we get older we begin to think, “40 is not that old.” I’m gonna be 53 and In my mind, I’m a lot younger than that. My kids have to tell me to turn down my music because it’s too loud.

I’m in no hurry to let my hair go gray. Some women I know embrace their gray hair. That’s great.

Age-Just a Number EmbracingAging.us

Gray is Beautiful

Aging is a personal journey and there is only one way to do aging, and that’s the way that makes you feel best about yourself.

If you wanna buy a Harley and head out on the highway then, by all means, do that!!

Age-Just a Number EmbracingAging.us

Head Out on the Highway

If you like your gray hair long and wanna wear a bikini at the beach, I say, “Oh heck yes!”

On the other hand, there are folks who want to be just like their grandparents when they grow older and that may have been the more conservative type. That’s perfectly fine too.

The caveat: Is how you feel now, working for you?

That’s what my blog EmbracingAging.us is about. I myself would like to feel my best and be in the best health.

I lean toward the healthy lifestyle approach to aging so that we are able to do whatever, whenever we want to.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then stick around for solutions to problems like weight loss, low energy, pain management, and the like through healthy living.

Welcome to Embracing Aging

What Embracing Aging is about:

  • Being healthier mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Having a sense of humor about aging
  • Helping one another along this journey
  • Living, loving and laughing more every day

Who I am:

  • Married to my Rock (Literally, his name is Rock) and my best friend for 29 years
  • Mother of four, three grown very handsome boys, a beautiful daughter, and a very remarkable school teacher.
  • I am very blessed with two granddaughters who light up my world with laughter and love and give me excuses to be playful and silly
  • I reside in Springfield, MO one hour north of Branson MO.
Two shadows, holding hands Embracing Aging

We’re all just walking each other home.   -Ram Dass